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i think this is as far as i can take it without more la doll

torso looks a little short but that would be easier to fix once i add the joints and the legs are just  ????

welp back  to commissions now that is out of my system

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This feeling when you walk into big art supply stores …

brb changing underwear


This is what heaven looks like~

Tag your porn people!!!

i have been to this art store xD it’s actually pretty good

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opening submissions

if anyone needs honest critique on a project they are working on feel free to ask me! you can submit it to my blog or link it to me through fan mail

i will tell you what i think of it and tell you how i think you can improve it (if applicable) i will not insult you or anything just tell you what could use more work <:

honest critique seems hard to come by in this hobby so i am offering my services if requested lol

and if in the future i ask for critique please feel free to tell me exactly what you think! only compliments won’t help me improve -A-;;; (especially my doll making!) i am not a delicate flower i can take constructive criticism

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if any of my now nearly 500 followers are in Toronto feel free to drop me a line i’d love to meet for some coffee(or tea if you’d prefer) and dolls (。⌒∇⌒)。

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talking with blue kitsune  made me remember some older doll projects ;w;

this was the last doll that i made that was never meant to be cast (after words they wore all attempts and abandoned *sigh*)

the rest of the doll was much less impressive; i still love these bird hands through

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Really unpopular opinion: While I respect Freakstyle as an artist and admire their sculpting ability the idea of an overweight doll sits wrong with me. Yes this is the shape of most American (and british and it’s even encroaching on other countries) women it’s still not something we should strive for as being “okay”. Despite what the Tumblr community thinks, being overweight is unhealthy. Yes. It actually is. Fat is not a body type. You have a shape with fat over it. The Salome doll is not the same as a doll chateau as doll chateau are stylized to have ridiculous proportions (and joints that don’t exist on humans). Same with any of the pear shaped art bodies, they’re stylized as opposed to modeled after someone who could be an irl human. This idea of thinking that overweight should be put on a pedestal is really really problematic.

P.S. Also before anyone calls “skinny fat shaming shitlord” I’m obese myself and losing weight.  (Also please lord do not respond to this with the “health problems” thing)

Image by BJDConfessions

who are you to tell an artist what to sculpt? even if everything you said was true that should not stop someone from sculpting a bigger doll if they wanted to

Freakstyle’s bjd isn’t even what i would call fat, popular media has worped your idea of what an average and healthy body looks like, while yes skinnier bodies can be healthy so can bigger ones, health is not based on BMI

i agree being in shape is healthy but that doesn’t equal skinny!

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Hello! I'm planning on starting a doll project soon and was wondering what kinds of spray paint have you used on resin? Thank you!
dangercraft asked



Hi there! Thank you for the ask! I hope you don’t mind me posting this, as I don’t want it to get eaten.

First, I just want to make sure you know there is a chance of damaging the resin. These are what I used personally, and different resins behave differently. For example, in most of these sprays the Mirodoll resin really hated it. I’m not sure if it’s the quality or type, but I cleaned all the pieces of sealant beforehand. Soom resin has not had any bad reactions. Test a piece you don’t mind getting messed up, like a foot or a headcap.

Here they are, in order to favorite to not so favorite. I hope they help you!

1. Army Painter spray primer.
I love this stuff. It’s made for resin miniatures, and is gorgeous. Bonds very well with 5 different kinds of resin I tried it on. A lot of colors, huge can! I used this on my Frankendolly Naoto.

2. Testors spray paint. Usually for model cars and the like. It really stinks but I think it bonds very well to resin. Doesn’t come in as many colors but easily found in Wal Mart or Michael’s. Goes on very thick. Used on Kei Chan project. Glossy but can be easily toned down with Testors Dullcote.

3. Krylon FUSION for Plastics. I’ve used this on Haru and his sister Aya. Gorgeous brown color that I haven’t found in the other sprays, although Army Painter might have some. Very close in color to Dollshe’s pale tan, but more red undertones. It has to fully cure for 7 days before use or you may chip it. I recently used it on feet and didn’t wait the full 7 days and regretted it.

4. Mr. Color/GSI Creos Gundam spray. Made by the same company as MSC I think. Have a very nice NS Pink type color called Flesh #1. Tiny can, looks like MSC can. Very stinky, plastic looking and feeling.

5. Dupli-Color Vinyl paint. This stuff is usually used on car interiors. I couldn’t find a nice color but tried their Desert Tan. It adhered very well to resin but smells horrible. I do know a member of my local bjd group used a lovely color on her girl but I have no idea where she got it (shout out to Apathy!!).

Now for all of these I would suggest glossing the joints with something like Triple Thick and letting it fully dry. The best thing would be for me to invest in an airbrush but I am way too lazy for all the cleaning and thinning. Airbrushes and I do not mix!
Also for all these paints I was very lazy and didn’t seal beforehand. I’m not sure how it would be if I did.

These are not super reversible processes, either. I advise extreme caution on them because if you decided you hate the color, the only thing that could remove it is acetone (not really advised unless you’re super careful***) and sanding it off.

Wow that was long but I hope it was useful, don’t hesitate to ask if anything else comes to mind!

*** I messed up a lot my first time spraying my Haru and he actually did start getting eaten away under all the paint. Acetone is scary stuff but sometimes it is the only thing that will get the spray paint off. Windsor & Newton brush cleaner may work but it’s weaker.

reblogging for more info.. and I keep losing this

another resin cleaner not often mentioned is 99% rubbing alcohol, i found it worked pretty well! it’s my preferred paint remover 

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Why do you care?


If anyone wants to use the “why do I even care, it’s not your money” argument, I will say this:

I care about the artists. People like Mr. DollShe-Ki‐yong and his mother, Miss Migi, Miss Tuesday (from ANother Secret), Soom’s sculpting time of Dimu and others, Elfdoll’s RAINMAN, and many more.

They don’t know me but I know them. Through the many years of hard work they’ve poured into these beautiful friends of ours. I would hate to see them sad, halt production of a new sculpt, or even close up shop because of recasts!

I would love to hear anyone else’s reason to why you “care”!

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oh yeah i was asked to make some Egyptian style clothes (i was specifically asked to only use blue!)

the belt if fully beaded and the headdress is made form worbla!


aww thank you ;u;

i am always up for commissions, just a matter of when i’ll get to it haha ;;;;

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oh yeah i was asked to make some Egyptian style clothes (i was specifically asked to only use blue!)

the belt if fully beaded and the headdress is made form worbla!

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Universal Headbacks for Chibi and MSD Unoa dolls


I have sincerely appreciated the support from those who have reblogged to spread the word, and those who have made pledges. 

At this time, with 6 days left, it doesn’t look like there is much chance of making it to the end. A reminder, though, that you can get a face-up from me, including shipping, for $50, instead of the usual $65. Though you are funding the headbacks, that is one of the rewards. 

This will be the last posting. For those people who have supported the kickstarter, I will eventually re-order the headbacks, but it will be a while, as the interest just doesn’t seem to be there yet.

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would anyone be interested in some 101 leather working for dolls from a self taught hack?

reminder to my self that i was gong to do this

but at this point some time in September when i catch up to my commissions a bit

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I’m very picky about the dolls I BUY but I love to SEE a lot of different kinds and what their owners do with them. I think it keeps the hobby diverse and much more friendly when we can appreciate something we wouldn’t necessarily like for ourselves. I think if you just focus so closely on only the type you like best, you miss some interesting and creative things.

Image by BJDConfessions

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  • Name: Khristina
  • Nickname: du-hast (bjs stuff), kitty, nails/purr (online gaming), chris, kk
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  • What I last said to a family member: something about going to the store
  • One place that makes me happy and why: outside just generally i like more wild looking places
  • How many blankets I sleep under: one and a half to three depends, but i need my blankets weight lol
  • Favourite beverage: erl grey tea, coffee with milk and sugar and variants through i almost never have it
  • The last movie I watched in the cinema was: the lego movie (i rarely go to theaters)
  • Three things I can’t live without: going outside, drawing, company
  • A piece of advice for all my followers: keep and open mind  -u-b
  • You have to listen to this song: come on up to the house
  • My blog(s): this one, art blog perverted-kitty i have a few more but shhh

i tag anyone who would like to do it! just say i tagged you and i will read it!

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i’m really proud of how short my wishlist has become ;w;